A Path of Virtue

I stand amid the encroaching walls that bind my soul to perish among the dull unknown of confinement. With eyes unclouded, I look beyond the reflection of an unrecognizable, dismembered face, beyond the cries for freedom, beyond the hatred stares, beyond the agonizing sound of pain, beyond the restriction of higher education, beyond the segregated labels, and beyond the hypocrisy of a nation born free. To see with eyes unclouded a nation with illegalized segregation, a nation having a respect for all, a nation with diverse ethnicities in office and in education, a nation with the privileged right to vote for all, a nation innocent of discrimination, and a nation born of children of all heritage joining hands to path for a brighter future.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



To have been through a time of segregation was a gift to proceeding generations; without their beliefs to strive on, our nation would not be a nation founded upon democracy and freedom.

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