My Mother's Love

My mother's love is unconditional, something like an overflowing cup of water 

that is pure in taste and transparent in sight.

Something as beautiful as the full moon that sparkles on the ocean's currents

at night.

Something so selfless, its almost selfish to be the source of the light in my life.

Her love ignites beyond the existence of love itself, as if it was the big bang of beats

that reached my chest, that keeps it in rhythm .

As if we are forever on the same tune, dancing with all of our might.

No disturbance or change in frequency, but rather an ongoing song on the playlist of

my soul.

Trailing through eternity with no destination, but seems to start and end with you

The first love of my life, the woman whos love is rooted in mine

Her love taught me how to love, how to be loved, and what true love consist of

This poem is about: 
My family



Loved this. Great work.

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