Ode to Japan


United States
29° 57' 1.2492" N, 95° 15' 28.7892" W

In a land that lies 6,000 miles away,
Lies a country that I wish to stay,
Morning air sparks my lungs,
people here speak in foreign tounges,

A land made up of honor and tradition,
Is the land that holds a great expectation,
A passionate feeling for culture,
Possess a onetime epic adventure,

Cherry blossom trees only bloom once a year,
A season that brings everyone into sudden tears,
Beauty doesn't reside in sculpture,
But rather in the culture,

As I keep reminiscing, passion will never die,
This country holds my soul into the sky,
Oh!Lovely ode to Japan,
A feeling yet to understand,

There will be a day where I'll return,
By then a new life will be born,
Into cherry blossom pedal winds,
That one wish to spends



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