"The Lake"

It was the Winter of my being

But outside I felt the heat.

A lot of people I am seeing

That I’m not pleased to meet.


I never felt at one with the rest,

It always felt so wrong.

By them I am so unimpressed,

Here I don’t belong.


Most don’t understand

Because they have a home.

This year went unplanned,

So I began to roam.


Standing by the lakeshore,

I met her out of fate.

She’s who I’d been looking for,

I no longer await.


Some nights we saw the sunrise

Away from the strident city.

With her there were no lies,

No judgement, and no pity.


She saved me from my mind

And filled it with delight.

I think before her I was blind,

Now I’ve regained my sight.


She changed my life but never me,

She helped me find my pride.

Today I feel completely free

I am forever gratified.


This year I never expected,

To meet someone like her.

On different levels we connected,

Making my life a beautiful blur.

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