Trust Fall

Love is holding your heart in the palm of my hand

And you holding mine in yours

It’s the thought that we could easily crush each other

But the belief that we won’t


Love is a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop

It’ll slowly chug us high into the sky

We’ll see stars and feel moonlight on our faces

Then, it’ll bring us crashing down to earth

Burning our skins as we reenter reality


Love is being in that moment,

Helplessly on fire and yet

Not regretting a single thing


Love is an endless series of trust falls

Where we never hit the concrete,

And shatter into a million pieces

Instead, we’ll land in each other's arms

Like puzzle pieces falling into place




And over


And over again


Love is us

Blindfolded and blindsided,

Without vision nor stability

And yet,

Without even an ounce of doubt


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