Visting Earth

The summer breeze is against my face.

The butterflies flap their wings,

showing off to the sky.

But below,

Teens are in the mall, window shopping.


It is a hobby the most do to show their individuality, shopping.

Cosmetics are covered on the girls’ faces

and boys' faces are stuffed with food below.

Birds are flapping their wings,

shoring through the sky.

dogs’ nails are also polished,


along with paintings in the houses, clean and polished.

The day comes to an end, since humans can not always be shopping.

Blue and beautiful sky,

Shines on her face.

She readys her wings,

and they spread out from behind below.


The angel is now not in air, but below.

The wings well-polished,

designd unlike another's wing.

Looking around as others are shopping,

a confused face

lurks upon the angel's from the sky.


Earth is much different than the sky.

There, it is more like an unknown from below.

Everyone is different, from their face

to their nails, which are well-polished.

Earth is a really strange "below,"

one where there are not full of wings


On display cases, wings

that are not for the sky.

Mothers are shopping

for their children who's grade average are not below;

Something new and polished

that will put a smile on their child’s face.


Wings are wings,

That are able to fly in the sky.

But there is nothing that compares from Earth below.


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