Reality before Religion


Embarrassment for most,

failure for me.

Insecurity I’ve been diagnosed;

never felt like I’d make it...

success I’m an absentee.


No matter how hard I work.

I just smile and smirk,

to cover the pain I feel within.

“What if I don’t win?!”

“What if I’m wasting my time?!”


That’s okay Jalondra, you’ll be fine.

I’ve read the Bible and learned so much. 

Losing isn’t the end of the world and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Therefore, if the opportunity is mine, or “they” decline.

It just wasn’t meant to be, watch and you’ll see; that I’ll be just fine.



ask me and I will answer — I no longer care.

The seven-letter word I used to fear.


All it took was prayer.

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