A Man Like That

I was not witness to a father who beats,

I was witness to a father who cheats.

I never said a word, I kept it all in,

I still wonder if doing that was my greatest sin.

My mother went on not knowing the truth,

While I just went about my day like nothing was aloof.

Awhile after the truth was revealed and my parent's fought,

Sooner rather than later I knew that my father was going to get caught.

My parents split up and I was supposed to decide,

Which parent was I going to hitch in for a ride?

I went with my father in hoping everything would be fine,

But later learned that he was not going to change and lived with my mother when I turned nine.

Then I told her that I will never be a man like that,

A man who cheats, lies and doesn't give back more than what he takes.

There is nothing worse than a person being fake.

But my mother found a man who treats her right,

But even so, I still cried at night.

Eventually I grew up and become more aware

That the greatest thing my father did was have that affair.

My mother remarried and found the greatest man,

And as it turned out he would be my biggest fan,

He is my rock when I am weak,

But my greatest supporter trying to help me reach my peak.

He helps me when I am down,

Yet always knows when it's time to act like a clown.

He is my mentor and in my heart is my real dad,

For that I couldn't be more glad.

And the things I hear about him when people chat,

I think to myself I want to be a man just like THAT!

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