I miss waking up and 

seeing nothing but blue in the sky.

I miss waking up and 

seeing birds flying high.

Smoke and smog fill the air

 is it just me or is it too much to bare?

Trees are burned and cut down

Honestly I just have to frown.


I like going swimming in the ocean

the water so blue

I’m going to miss that

won’t you?

Littering is causing so much harm

In a few years 

earth will have lost its charm.

Animals are slowly dying

I’ll bet you anything

they feel like crying.


Everyone needs to stop

closing their eyes to this problem

I miss seeing trees

going into blossom.

Because of the Pacific Ocean garbage patch

we might never see

creatures start to hatch.

Trees release oxygen into our air

but cars dispense smoke

and it’s like no one cares.


Everyone's health will cease to exist

I don’t think that 

will fill anyone with bliss.

Polar bears will soon go extinct

due to global warming

shouldn’t we all take that as a warning?

When are we going to find a solution

to our new found problem



This poem is about: 
Our world


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