baby girl.

Child born to a child
Small and sweet
Little girl, tiny feet
Mother kid, feeling weak
Father grown, dead beat drunk
Days in darkenss
Nights in pain
Beatings changing daily
Hardly the same
Mother kid is tired
Baby girl cries all night
Mother kid feels angry
She starts to put up a fight
Mother kid, belly swollen
Baby girl in hand
Finally reaches out
She gets help
Shes finally out
Mother kid, now two times over
Free but not happy
Feeling alone,
Looks for love
Mother kid unlucky
Once, twices, three times over
Four, five, six times more
"father figures" come and go
But mother kid is blind
She doesnt seem to mind
Baby girl takes notice
Trying to make mother kid see
Mother kid complains
Just let her be
Baby girl worries
Baby girl cries
Wondering why
Mother kid keeps telling lies
Mother kid finds another
To love her so
Doesnt take long until he is her foe
Mother kid, belly swollen
With child number three
Baby girl is angry
She doesnt want to believe
Finally hes here
Little jumpy boy
Baby girl is happy
Baby girl is proud
Mother kid is content
But only for a while
Then comes someone else
To compliment her smile
Baby girl notices
She catches on quick
Mother kid wont quit
Baby girl does not understand
Mother kid has love
She gave birth to all three
Baby girl wants mother kid to give it a rest
Mother kid listens and tries her best
But falls again
Mother kid is fascinated
Intrigued, excited,
she thinks she found the one
Promises of happiness
A family, and love
Mother kid is aging,
She knows this might be her last
So she gives her all
Its not what she thought
She searches for an easy fix
Child number 4, miracle baby
Is here
Mother kid is happy
But worried all the same
Baby girl the protector of the bunch
Fights the biggest fight
Proving the man mother kid loves
Isnt the right man
On and on he proves himself unworthy
Mother kid is blind
Refusing to see him in light
Baby girl still waits today
For mother kid
To see the bigger picture
Baby girl has her own struggles
That the world will never know
Now the one alone
Is baby girl
This world is my own
I am baby girl
This is me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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