I Remember

Do you remember watching the stem grow? The evergreen leaves stretching out longer-each and every day. Do you remember seeing the day she was born? This beautiful pink flower That just emerged from the ground every so slightly. Do you remember watching, waiting, wondering, If this lovely thing was to ever become corrupt? The gordeous petals, growing more and more each day The colors becoming so bright that even a blind man can see it. Do you remember seeing her grow up? She no longer neded the comfort of the ground. She no longer needed to be nurtured as much. She was ready to leave the gound today. Do you remember her...? The bright and cheery one you cared for...? He remembers the day he met her. She shined so brightly And her stem was so long. Her leaves could reach out and touch him Each touch so slight yet intimate Each petal was inscribed with beauty The colors blending with one another. He remmebers seeing her leaves weep Slowly, she was helped. The sun giving her the care she needed To stand up on her own again. He remember seeing her fight the Hardest winters and the hottest summers. He remembers her... Ready to take on the world Even though she was smaller than any given stone. I remember the flower Growing so slowly, yet quickly at the same time. I remember watching her brighten up the room With her crazy colors and immense aura. I remember the touch of each and every petal Soft and gently, gliding through the Nurturing sun's hands. I remember her... I remember the moment she was able to move The moment she no longer needed the constant caring The moment when she could be free I remember watching her make mistakes Staying in the winter or sun for too long Or not enough. I remember her standing strong in the ground Not willing to give an inch of herself to anyone. I remember her... I remember me...


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