A stranger in the eyes of a child damned to live in a country of wickedness,

How ironic the place of freedom is the most bound place on earth.

A solid chained weight on our ankles corroded in sinfulness,

How infamous it was even in the light of its own birth.

A reincarnated Sodom and Gomorra,

Who in cold-blood slew the Greek goddess Aurora.

Without the expectations in her blessings of a new day, 

The fruit of earth are forced to grow in wicked night where they decide to stay.

Blinded by the dim light of greed and power America dived  into her temptation,

Her hunger for conquer growing until she became enslaved to her own delusion.

The American Dream we all believed in forced into stagnation,

So confused we let a fool of trickster into office, so sedated and bewitched from his "Great" illusion.

"America" a product of lies and trickery,

and a master con artist of spells and witchery.

Is an urban legend filled with fairytales and galore,

Spun from the lips of the blessed who wear Jimmy Choo and Dior.

The playground for corruption and revolt,

A toy for the Temptress of Night and Shepherd of Decomposition's children.

America an island in evil water lies desolated and remote,

An inspiration to the awakened poet Milton.

Is a land not of fruit and honey,

But a land poisoned from sin and money.

A torn promise from the hands of the young,

A song that dances on a snake's tongue.

There is nothing human in its humanity,

It's a parasite that feeds on our desire,

And drives us over the brink of insanity.

But that is the way I see her, it's up to you if you see her as a beacon of promise or a liar.

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My country
Our world
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