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Never do I ever want to feel any lips but yours, any hands or face but yours. You kill me, you take me to places that make my clouds precipitate and my roots reject it’s products. You make me feel like I’m in flames and I’m desperate to jump into the lake but I can’t because I’m paralyzed. Tell me you’re as lost and your eyes are covered in as many cataracts as mine are. Tell me you don’t eat, sleep, walk, see, or hear anything without me in the back of your mind. If you knew how much I loved you and the life I can give you your fears and anxieties would melt off of you like wax down a candle. I will love you everyday, every second, of your life, be it 90 or 900 years, be it alive or dead, be it together or apart, I will love you with each time I blink, each breath I take, each time I smile, every time I cry, and with every step I take, I will love you.


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