500 Years of Slavery and Counting

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 18:03 -- AnnaBri


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The pen has hit the paper, the paper has been passed saying in the United States of America, slavery no longer lasts. But tell me what this is, what this is that I see: sixteen year old black girls with babies and young black men with pants at their knees.
What this is, is slavery. Slavery with no physical chains. You see, the chains exist inside the minds of those whose thoughts have been rearranged. Rearranged to believe what the white man feeds him. Feeding him counterfeit thoughts, counterfeit thought to which he believes is Freedom.
But it's not and the white man knows it. It's not and the black man's ignorance shows it. It is demonstrated by our race's lack of intellect, our unwillingness to learn, our total disregard for respect. Respect that we don't even show one another; calling each other by the names the white man once called us: Negro, Nigger
But Niggers is just what we acting like. Acting like children that don't know wrong from right. Right being clearly differentiated from wrong. Wrong being the path that we've been on for far too long. Too lang have we let this blasphemy continue to tarnish our scorched reputation giving birth to an image to bestow upon the next generation. The next generation, so innocent and sweet, born into a race already claimed by Defeat. Defeat that hangs over their flickering halos like a boulder. A boulder that has them constantly peeking over their shoulders.
But Imma pray real hard and ask God for some blessings and for him to put an ending to this tragic story: 500 years of slavery and counting.

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We need to do better as a race and recognizing the problem is the first step

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