Stunning Courage

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 22:17 -- Daniela


Through years of experience I have learn that people may sometimes forget what you have said to them in the past,

They may forget what you did,

But one thing that I can asure is that they will never forget how you made them feel,

That moment will be memorable but will also be a lesson

It takes a fool to have courage

And it takes courage to know, speak up and fight to what you really want instead of being puzzled and not knowing what you should do

And here i am being confrontational towards those who instead of helping just make you doubt if your goingto be imperceptible to reach your goal

I want to be that person who is confrontational to whoever gets in my way and trys to stop me towards success, 

Soon I will be stunning towards others!

Never the less you will reminisce those rough and bad moment you made me go through, 

You will evoke every single second of those sour times you made me have

Mean while you will recognize the success that i turned out to be and yes part of it was thanks to you, since you made me stronger and not weaker through your actions

At last I know I did it because I can

I can because I want to

I want to because you said I couldn't do it!.

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