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Intelligence used to be a virtue,
Ignorance used to hurt you,
But in the past few decades the roles have reversed . . . I though about rhyming but now it's a free-verse,
Through the years our minds have adapted to the change,
Am I the only one who finds it strange,
That our ability to lose knowledge far surpasses our ability to gain?
And the majority doesn't look at this subject with concern,
Instead they marvel at our ability to unlearn,
Our sense of history has diminished,
While our hatred for one another has replenished,
Only having an education doesn't make you smart,
Anyone with a degree can have a dark heart,
And darkness equals selfishness, or maybe that's the light . . .
But that means ignorance is the switch, that can't be right . . .
All right I think I have it,
Allow me to break it down so you can grasp it,
Wrong is right,
Selfishness is the switch, ignorance is the light,
God gave his begotten, but history is forgotten,
We are to hatred what fire is to burn,
And we'd rather spend more money on war while our generations continue to unlearn,
Personal gain is the goal, everything else is a waste of time,
And I thought about a free-verse, but decided to rhyme . . .
Oh, you don't understand?
The ignorant ones never do.

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