Color Blind (Inspired by the book "The Bluest Eye")


The world would be a much better place if we were all color blind

If people thought with their hearts instead of their eyes

If just because of who we are didn't make us an "other"

If we could all just learn to get along with each other


Why is it that society is so uncaring

Of those who find their secrets worth sharing

Of the ones who say, "Yes I am gay"

Or the couples that say, "We are of different race"


Race oh race how this word sickens me

What exactly is this word supposed to mean

That we are all in a competition

To see which race is the "fittest"


Well forgive me but I must confess

But there is one that towers over the rest

The ones more powerful than you and I

The ones with... the bluest eye


My skin is brown and so are my eyes

So I shall be served after Mr. Blue Eyes

My skin is yellow and my eyes the color of ice

So I shall get a home after Mr. Blue Eyes


Dear Mr. Blue Eyes

Did you choose this life

One where you get it easy

While others get the knife


I hate you Mr. Blue Eyes

You have made my heart cold

I hate your perfect hands because I work mine to the bone


I hope you're happy Mr. Blue Eyes

I truly do

Do you know how I see myself because of you


I am stupid, ugly, hideous, and fat

And things so much worse because I am black

I deserve no love anywhere

If I were to die today, no one would care


No one


Hear my cry

Society works so hard to keep ignorance alive


Change your eye color

Yes you are hearing me right

Just the color

Not the sight


To you everyone looks the same as before

But do you not realize you are being ignored

You have become an other


An other: The ones who everyday get a slap to the face

An other: The ones unloved because of sex, color, or race

An other: The ones who never see an entire life through

An other is me, and now... you


So now you see

Now you know it's real

This pain that I hate

This pain that I feel


But you can get your eye color back

The brown skin I have is eternally mine

But congratulations Mr. Blue Eyes

You are officially... color blind




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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