Where I'm from


United States
38° 54' 15.6996" N, 104° 45' 49.5432" W
United States
38° 54' 15.6996" N, 104° 45' 49.5432" W

I am from purple mountains majesty,
With its red rocks and dry, unforgiving air.
I am from a mid-American suburbia
Where outsiders still think we ride horses to school.

I am from Pollo Guisado, white rice and Flan.
From “Anamaria se fue buscando el sol en la playa”.
I am from “family will always be there”
Where friends are family and tradition is forever.

I am from squeezing in just one more round of kick-the-can late at night.
From camping in the backyard and waking up early to kiss my dad goodbye.
I am from racing the big kids and maybe sometimes actually winning.
The days when school was wrapped around my finger.

I am from strength built on generations of courage
From those that grew up in shacks by Ponce to the ones born into wealth now.
I am from the weepers, dreamers, and fighters.
Where lovers always seem to find each other.

I am from a place where being weak isn’t tolerated
Where being good enough is never enough.
I am from balance is key, or at least the illusion of it is.
The place where perfection is your own expectation.

I am from words that swirl around, tangible enough to taste, waiting for their turn.
Where music intertwines dreams.
I am from tomorrow will be a better day
From the little things count.

I am from the work hards and never stops.
The never forgets, always be trues, and the move forwards.
I am from tomorrow with its endless possibilities and the hope of the young.
From mistakes that can’t simply be washed away.
I am from the people I’ve met, the places that have touched deep inside, and the symphony of memories that teach life goes on.



I am also from Colorado Springs. Your poem is very insightful, good job!

Imani Sophia

Really niiice. I'm from the nyc, but where you're from sounds pretty cool

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