Atlas Carries the World

The mighty Titans were at war with the Olympians, the older generation versus the new; deities against the wide-eyed innocence of lives that have barely just begun; parents versus children, the divine and sacred who believe they know what is best for everyone else; age-old wisdom clashed with naviety and determination. Fate decided it was time for change. The prophecy demanded the ancient bow to the young. Atlas chose the wrong side of the war, for he, too, believed he was superior, and punishment was due. He was doomed to carry the weight  of the world on his shoulders, taking upon himself the burdens him and those around him caused  for the ones after them. Yet he does not waver, he does not rest. He holds the universe and its celestial heavens high and proud. Let him be a warning, but most importantly a symbol of strength and endurance for those who find it futile to continue on in the face of failure. Let him be a lesson all can learn about believing one knows best in a time where everything has changed but no one refuses to acknowledge it, and allow for the hope-filled hearts of our children fulfill the future prophecies and keep our heavens bright.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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