To talk of it is easily done,


To feel it coarse through your vein-

That is a much harder task,

And to the Universe I want to ask:

Why am I so crippled?

Why am I so blind?

Why am I

Then I realize it isn't me

I cannot know what I've never seen,

Like a blind man is when he hears "green".

That same emptiness and sense of loss,

Washes over me,

Drowning me...


I have found some answers.

If you live a life for others,

Their thoughts, their opinions, their heartless comments,

It is then you lose a bit of yourself-

Your smile, your laugh, your inexplicable joy.

For any like this in life,

Who face a daily strife

Which can be summed up in five cruel words:






Know that you yourself,

Your mind, your body, your talent, your culture,


Are beautiful.

Are perfect.

But to bring you out,

You are braver than most,

As you must face the demon of expectations

And cut it down with fury, with strength.

For when you do,

And look back at you,

The person left behind will look you back,

And smile,

And say,

"I believed in you all along."

Let you believe in you, because

believe in you. 

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