The Poem of Identity

What is the point of this?

Spending hours upon hours pondering:

what shall I write?

what words shall I use?

does the rhyming matter?

does it have any use?

Maybe it doesn't matter,

to others this is a waste of time,

to sit down and write for no apparent merit.


If anything writing poetry has taught me the importance of identity.

It has taught me to reflect on my experiences.

It has taught me to reflect on my choices.

It has given me the opportunity to see

how do I affect the world and how does the world affect me.

Poetry has taught me to take a stance

and be vocal about my thoughts and opinions,

and give people that same chance.

It has become a part of who I am,

and a part of how I understand

who I am

what I am

and who I want to be.



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