Do You See Me?


United States
34° 9' 41.4504" N, 118° 20' 25.2636" W

I am not just a number for you to process
I have feelings.
Nothing you say can change how I feel.
Just because you think you can shut me up with
doesn't mean that it will work.
I am my own person.
While I am equal to others, you cannot stop me with the same means as others.
I am a boulder, a bear with the unstoppable force of
a tsunami
an earthquake
a tornado.
But I will not use my force for violence
to shake you from your stance and core.
I will use my force to bring arms that will hug your heart
eyes that will help you see
and lips that will kiss the wounds that
your you family
your friends
or even yourself has given you.
For is we meet anger is nothing but sadness,
and sadness can be negated by love.
Love, and a promise to be there
to listen to your side without a dagger at your throat or a gun to your head.
I can see all that you are hiding when you do these things to me.
The question is,
do you see me?

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