Three Words

Her blond bob and beady brown eyes looked up,

Gazing into her father’s similar orbs

Believe in yourself dad, she said with simplicity.

His smile emanated from the warmth of her words.


Gazing into her father’s similar orbs

She pushed, matching her short strides with his. 

His smile emanated, growing warmer

For his feet fled on the forest floor.


Pushing to match her short strides with his,

Beyond the trail behind their grey house

Four feet forced to find the floor

Racing, with passion.


Extending beyond the grey house’s trail

She trained through fall leaves and spring flowers

Racing, her passion

Flags and markers set the course.


Leaves fell and flowers bloomed

But the training twisted and turned

The flags and markers would change

The coming years of college carrying a new course.


The twists and turns

Almost made her trip, tremble, false start.

Where was this course for the coming years?

Unknown, yet undoubtedly up ahead.


But before she could trip or false start,

The father took hold of her in his arms

He said undoubtedly ahead she would go,

Running anywhere, wherever she could call home.


The father took hold of her in his arms,

Seeing the long brown hair, remembering that blond bob

Run anywhere, call it home, these warm words he spoke

Believe in yourself beady brown eyes, you have grown.



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