Open arms / mentor poem

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 19:29 -- Kimyana

Just one look was all it took.
My mind was shifted and I was hooked.
I dont even know this boy but he motivated me with just one look.

With his every move and all his ideas, he made me work.
Maybe it was his dance moves or that smirk.
Or maybe it was his work ethic or the way he talked about his family.

I dont remember but that was all it took.
He became my guidebook.

You dont know what you have done.
So many girls see you as the "one".
You have stolen hearts with the love you pour out.

No matter how many times we say thank you it can never amount.
You have stopped many suicidal thoughts.
You're always there with open arms.

Every word is like a song.
And you speak nothing but the truth.
You are an angel that helps the weak.

You are the light that shines through.

You are my idol and everything above.

With your help I have a reason to strive for success.
With your help I'm becoming a better person.
And falling in love with myself.

With your help I have a reason to get up after being knocked down.
With your help I'm becoming stronger and knowing myself worth.
And I'm no longer blind or weak to the harsh world.

You are always there with open arms.

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