A Letter To The Boy Who Will Never Grow Old

I am stuck in the age that you love to mock,

but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock.

Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls,

grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.


I've stopped waiting by my window, night after night,

(but that doesn't mean I've not been looking for the hint of a fairy's light).

You don't want to grow up, though I can hardly see why:

With aging, there's less limits and so much more room to fly.


I came down from the clouds, the stars still in my eyes,

and realized it was time to finally say my goodbyes.

I had my chance to play but real life is calling me;

A new adventure awaits, no longer just in dreams.


It's time to stop my search for the green-clad boy who flew.

I have new responsibilities that I have to do.

Never Land was beautiful, but so is my own world.

Alas, Peter, though I'll miss you, I'm no longer a lost girl.


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