By Sophie Leveille



He’s undeniably dead,

Suddenly gone,

And never coming back.

He fell to the floor without a second thought.

No wish or cry can resuscitate him.

It’s too late.


You feel scared,

And alone

Though there are commanders around you.

“He died a hero,” they say

“He was fighting for his country.”

But their words do nothing to hinder your growing pain.


No pride,

No glory

Can bring back the warmth

You held so close at night.


No flag,

No ceremony

Is worth the reality

That your children

Are suddenly fatherless.


What if your little girl

Will now grow with “daddy issues”

And try to find solace

In a man no closer to her than a stranger?


What do you say?

“He died a hero”?

“I know you miss him but he’s watching”?

“His country came first”.


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