Only Time

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:49 -- kymber


Society screams
And shouts. 
They conform us
And warn us
To not let it out. 
"Keep it in" 
They coax. 
"Be like them"
They say. 
Will that ever
"Don't individualize yourself"
They warn. 
"Be an individual" 
We yearn. 
When will they learn
They're just a contradiction?
Only time can tell. 
Day in
And day out
We drown ourselves
In society's lies. 
We cover ourselves 
In their blanket of  
Faux protection. 
Only time can tell
But we can yell.
Art is our escape
From conformity. 
From the chaos in mind
Leading us astray. 
Society shapes us,
Molds us. 
Art frees,
Allows us to breathe. 
Society has tied a noose
Around our necks,
Refusing to let us forget
It's rules and regulations. 
Imagination belongs to
The delusional. 
But what is the world
Without art?
We are living, 
Breathing masterpieces. 
We are one of a kind,
Unique in every way. 
But art is for the
Certifiably insane. 
Are we all insane then?
In a world of insanity
Is there really any
Society traps us
Ensnares us. 
Unwilling to set us 
So we fight
With all the might
We manage to muster. 
We'll change society
One step at a time. 
With a masterpiece
Or two,
Look what we'll do. 
Only time can tell
When we'll be released
From society's hell.


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