The day poetry met me . . .


Some may ask how I was introduced to poetry,

but I beg to differ because poetry introduced itself to me,

see I lived in a world where everything seemed okay,

but when my friend named conflict paid a visit,

poetry came to stay.

It was a surprise visit from conflict, I must admit,

but poetry held my hand, pen to paper so hard it could split,

I would sit for hours placing my heart on the sheet,

my description may sound messy,

but poetry made it into a masterpiece.

The peace that set in when poetry came, 

like a drug, brings one high, something I'd never tame,

like a whisper in an ear said one to another,

my poetry was a secret shared undercover,

never felt like it was good enough,

until it only had a history, no longer with us.

Or so I thought until i wrote this poem today

because once again conflict has come my way,

sadly the bills for tuition and living and caving me in,

my future college education grows strangely dim.

I'll never forget my college years in the past,

my educational, spiritual, and personal growth that will last,

but my poetry is speaking up once again,

my long-lost, but well-known friend,

giving me hope for prolonged educational experience,

for my hard-work, dedication, and obedience.

Poetry gave me strength to push for what I truly deserve,

to "enter to learn, and depart to serve",

Oakwood University's mission will be fulfilled, 

and my dream for continued education here will not be killed,

as my school's mission rings in my ear, 

with this scholarship, prayerfully, I will return next year. 



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