I am... a Mother

I am a Mother
A woman of Faith
I find my escape in God's great embrace
I am a teacher
In my daughter's ways
Teach her right from wrong
To shape her into a woman nice and strong
Teach her things I learned on my own
To keep her safe, wise and grown
I am a Mother
It's crazy to say
I am in charge of another's ways
I became this way today
Because of who I was yesterday
It's hard to believe one day you're alone,
The next day having one of your own
Alone to everyone, and everything to one
I look to him, my cornerstone
I am a Mother
I place my faith in God
And pray that I will keep her strong
I'm the only one she's got
To grow into the woman I'm not
Stronger than myself, loving and calm
Keep her eyes up on the thrown
I am a Mother
A Mother I say
Brave on the outside, scared on the in
Covered in flaws, and burning in sin
Perfect to the only one who counts
A child who was born as perfect as an angel
I know I can raise as long as I'm able
This poem is about: 
My family


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