Life Without Love

I suppose that all a person could ever really need on a deserted island is food, water, shelter, books. But what I need is something ordinary yet overlooked. The one thing I'd drag with me on a deserted island, the one thing I can't live without. I'd drag love upon that shore without a doubt. See being alone on a deserted island would surely drive me insane but love manages my brain. It provides happiness all the while keeping you sane. With sanity you can do just about anything. People probably will say "well why not food? It's logical" Because the island is deserted but I'm sure it has trees. Build a fishing pole and start searching in the sea. Oh and food eventually leaves. It's editable for a reason. It's as temporary as it seems. "Well why not your mother or father? They provide love all the while? I wouldn't wish my mother nor father to spend their last few years on a deserted island with their child. "Well why not your phone?" As much as you seem to think that you can't find food a deserted island, a phone is useless. Do you honestly think a cell tower would be around to use it? "Why not survival resources?" Because I'm a survivor, I'll figure it out. My choice of love out weighs it all. It may seem little, but love will be your up rising and not your downfall.

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i love this you are very talented!


Thank you so much

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