Hip-Hop Taught

Since I can remember, probably the age 8

old folks taught me to sit and pray.

They gathered around, coming at me

from left and right preaching words

out loud like, understand you need to

sit and pray, blessings don't come in a day.

Before I knew it, wasn't too late

I said fuck that, life is too short.

My time is not long enough

to be waiting like a sitting duck.

I was hip-hop taught.  

That same age, I turned that page,

was looking up to goon turned

poets and writers, Influential artists.

Painting pictures with words,

in a 3 minute span, teaching life lessons

longer than the almighty's lifespan.

Creating a view much grander

than a cathedrals Michelangelo.

I was hip-hop taught.  

16 seconds in and I knew that

cash ruled everything around me.

By the time I was 9, my state of mind

Was already out of this world,

like Goku In Dragon ball level 99.

All it took was 4 words

repeating in a Nas hook

Turn my life around and

leave those around me shook

from the execution in my voice.

I was hip-hop taught.  

They didn't know I was determined

to change the life I had to grow in

it was written but I had a choice.

Doctors could no longer assure me

school teachers were not sure of me

my family had doubt in me but

I was hip-hop taught.    

10, carrying my own weight.

knocking weight out my way

like a heavyweight. Crossing me 

meant protect ya neck.

I was small but knew that

bodies only dropped when

you aimed for the head. 

Wasn't violent but I found my ways. 

Couldn't be knocked down, again

I closed out, trusted no one.

Had my blood talking down on me

Guru warned, I faced my moment of truth, 

really gotta watch those around you,

I could've been a stick up kid, walking blocks.

A baby mama with a set of kids, cooking rock,

I knew better cause I was hip-hop taught.

School teachers could only talk success

teaching me to reach for the bar

big poppa in my headphones

preaching, The sky is the limit.

How could I not shoot for the stars.

12, I vowed to not let myself fall back

and be like others around me, forgot.

Listening to poets who shaped me,

taking in the message that moved me

and proudly say that I am hip-hop taught.







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