Chapter 4: College

Chapter One. Elementary School. Easy.

Two plus two equals four. So does one plus three.

Coloring inside the lines, it's got to be perfect.


Chapter Two. Middle School.

More hands on work and creative thinking.

Thinking outside the box for new ideas on that science project.

Everyone has the same classes. We all think the same.


Chapter Three. High School.

It's cool people territory. Stay away from Seniors and they stay away from you.

Classes are mixed, no one really puts their best offort in.

But now it's graduation, and no one knows what to do.

We aren't ready to adult yet - can we got back to our coloring books now?


Chapter Four. College.

New people. New landscapes. New goals. New everything.

No one knows your name, you can start again.

Focus on your interests, find your goals and dreams.

Put your best foot forward, do hard things.

This is a new beginning on your own. This, is an adventure.

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