The Intrinsic Nature of Sapphic Love

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 23:43 -- chele43

Emotionless words

Syllables and thirds

The poet never hurt

The reader never heard

The world still turned

The world still burned.

Dearest Camilla

I will take my leave

If three days go by

Without sign

Of a stroke

Of a letter

Of a word.

Please don’t be too broken

To love

I beg.

Mirrors lie

The heart never does.

If you struggle to breathe,

I can be the air in your lungs


Kept close to your heart.

In my heart you fly high


Oh, so oft a sigh—

Bird of wonder.

Your words could be light,

Or could be nigh

And only a stone’s throw

From your own

Front door

Lovely Camilla

I have given my heart—

So fragile,

So dreadfully shy—

In the hopes that someday

I may have the privilege,

The gift,

The lawful right

Of calling you


As your ocean blue eyes shine,

Staring into the abyss of mine,

I realize we will

Be together in life

Together in time.

If not now

Then a prodigious lie.

Shall all rot in flame

Who came,

Demolishing, shattering,

Spoiling the game?
Lovers play

Throughout their days.

As time goes by,

I seem to burn longer,



Such a tumultuous, trembling mind

Cast ashore from the ship,
Floating in angels’ air;

The maiden with

Golden honey hair

Sighs as she goes by,

Never noticing the girl so shy.

But why?

Shall she die?

In three days’ time

If word has not passed

The girl shall lose her throne

And join the lowest,

Most humbling caste.

She shall give the kingdom up

Throw the crown down.

The dagger shall journey straight

Into her broken heart

And her cooling body shall shudder

As she remembers

In her final



The fire of shame

Hot on her face,

The fire of fate within her.

She remembers.

Revolting clarity:

She does not,

Will not,

Could never love



Heaving sighs.

Final thought’s time.

Today, will she go by?


I wish unto you

nothing but perfection.

With all my affection,

My most lovely Camilla.


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