Something We Don't Have

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 16:37 -- qcanion


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I do not understand.

No hello to people on the street.

Keep walking, keep walking
Don’t make eye contact
Shit, are they talking to me?
Keep walking, keep walking.

We are cold individuals.

We are made of paranoia.
It crawls under our skin
Like the terroristic bug
We are all so afraid of.

So scared of different,
Wary of anything new.

Overanalyze is what we do.
9/11 did that to us,
But have you ever just thought of why that happened?

Why the people from the Middle East decided:
Let’s crash two planes into a building,
Let’s go kill a bunch of people
And sacrifice our lives.

Because it seems a little stupid to me that they'd do it just for fun.

It’s not because they weren't raised in America,
It’s not because of their religion,
It’s not because of their skin color,
It’s not because they are less fortunate than we.

It is because we are trying to change the way they are,
because they have something we want.

And we want it bad.


So we become less than human to get it.
We emerge like the smoke of the Twin Towers onto their land,
Disrupt their peace,
Try to ‘help’ them.

Say things like “Westernization is better.”
Telling their women “Don’t you wish you were like us?”

We temp them and in turn for messing with their way of life,
We start an almost-war.
Killing innocent troops while simultaneously trying to get what we want
And protect our country in the process.

All because we are greedy Americans who want oil.


We don’t care about how our actions affect others.
Why do we think we’re ‘helping’ them?
They have lived Western-free for a long time,
Resisted it. So what makes us so certain that we’ll change them?

Because we won’t.
And the sooner we learn this,
The sooner bad things will stop happening.

The sooner people will feel more at ease flying on a plane,
The sooner people will feel comfortable working in a major building.
The sooner we can all get over our fears of another terrorist attack.

So here’s my question:
Where has our humanity gone?

So here’s my demand:
Think about it.


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