Slash Slash

One moment a dark room

Candles soothing

The next

A bright blinding bike ride


Sage burns

Clouds cover a multitude of eyes

Whispers can be heard for miles at a time


Fat rotting

With pearly doors and posts

Silence stands while noise falls


Bright colors

Flashes of pink, blue, yellow

I can’t hear the lips speaking in front of me


Small bags

Gifts covered in shiny colored paper

Plastic eggs

Thinking about rising men

Tired of all of this


They stole my people.

They stole my time!

Who really cares about a person rising from the dead?

This worship is not towards me

Stop it



Bring back the yummy sacrifices

Bloods, guts, and MY adornment


please, please

i miss all of my children

why won’t you worship me

why won't you come to me

my children?


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