Once Upon a Starry Night

Once upon a starry night

Still is dark but seems so bright


The way the world just disappears

Into your eyes into your fears


I know there’s more out there

So much to explore

So why is it i’m trapped on the thirtieth floor?


“It’s dangerous!” says mother

But that can’t be it

Mama’s outside, then back lickady split


There is no sound, but I can hear

The silence as the world spins

It draws me near


The window where I just stare outside

It turns light to dark as the days go by


I need to get out

It looks perfectly fine

Better do it now before I change my mind


The trees tempt me as the wind makes their leaves twirl

But mother says i’ll perish

She wouldn’t lie to her little girl


Dangerous or not, I need to get out

Mothers gone, maybe i’ll shout


Shout to who, my one true love?

Sure, some prince, sent from the heavens above


Hah! Right, like I need a man

To do for me what I know I can


I know what I want, I know who I am

No more dreaming… what’s my plan?


Mother would say “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”

That’s the only way up

No doors, no stairs


How would I use my own hair to get down

Well if it didn’t tear then, it wouldn’t tear now


Right, okay, so i'll tie my last lock

I just need to find the end of it

My! When does it stop?


Here it is, now to tie it around

My bedpost perfect, oh no what’s that sound?


Mother she’s home, kitchen, first floor

She’ll be here to bring me food, what if it's before...?


No, i’ll hurry, to late to quit now

“Hello! Oh princess! Why it is art thou.”


Really, a prince, he has finally showed?

“Thanks, but I am okay, you really can just go.”


I need a sharp object and i'll be on my way soaring

Of course, the plate left out from this morning!


I smash the plate and it breaks into pieces

I think “That must have been loud” and my heart rate increases


Shard between my teeth, I grab a strong hold

Out the window, clinging tightly to gold


I feel a tug on my head but my feet still don’t touch land

Fearlessly I reach for the shard with my free hand


Heart is pounding, I close my eyes

Take my shard and pray to the skies


I’m falling, and for a split second I think this will hurt

Then it was all over when my feet hit the dirt


I look over to my left and who do I see

Why it is the price, drop jawed, staring at me


“I’ve never seen anything like like that! At least not by a girl”

“A strong woman deserves a prince to give her clothes and pearls”


“Marry me, my dear Rapunzel, and I’ll show you the way!”

Holding my head high I reply “Maybe some day”


I believe in myself, i’ll be fine alone

As I take my first steps outside

All on my own


This poem is about: 
Our world



This story is based of the more recent story of Rapunzal, being stolen as a baby and the witch raising Rapunzal in a tower as her own mother. I wanted to show how far woman have come. We are all so independent and being alone and discovering who you really are on your own is a beautiful thing! 

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