Just the right amount off kilter

Me, I don't know what to call myselfI've heard plenty of ideasIndependent, crazy, smart, talkative   I am a seventeen year old girlI'm a girl with a history full of ups and downsI'm a girl with a family who's been pushed to the limitsI'm a girl who survives to the end and back  Big laughOut spoken And just the right amount off kilterBig family full of brothers, sister, aunts, unclesAll with their own opinionsAll a little louder then the next All a little crazy  Stories of the past constantly being toldLike making forts on the beach with my sistersGoing on trail rides with my momOr our family's fun white elephant giftsWith booming laughterYou become less afraid to share your opinionAlmost to a faultMy family is everything to meWhat so many people sayBut when they get taken away They become more of everything Because it's the surroundings that collapse  I've had to learn to adaptWhen the ground beneath me is constantly fallingI learned to jump and adjust to my surroundingsBoulders would fall and take me back, but I always charged forward From a sister with cancerA dad with kidney transplants and a motorcycle accidentAnd a brother who survived an IED blastAnd we survived  When people I love get hurt, I fight my way throughWhen they disappear I gripped onto whatever is closest When they dieI learn to fall gracefully It's when the world fell apart that I learned who I was And what's important Along the way of having the world thrown in my face,I found passion Lying, while not useless, becomes you it's different You learn how to adjust to the reality of others You want to define me Think of how I can modify myself to my surroundingsThink of how when the ground crumbles I won't fall          

This poem is about: 
My family


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