So is that who I am?


United States
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So is that who I am?
To be stereotyped just from my interest.
Is that who I am?
The one who's labeled just for being me.

You see I'm not the one to complain
Being a strong black man as myself
But when It comes down to saying what I can't do
Just because I'm black
Then homeboy you are truly mistaken

We've came too far to be put back in the same boat
Still They don't see that, They see the negative
"Can we ride the bus"
"No, you're black"
"Let's go and get a better education"
"Sorry, you're colored"
The cycle seemed like it would never end

And now, now that times have changed it seems as if we discriminate ourselves
"Drink that purple drank"
"Eat that watermelon"
"Join that gang"
"Ruin your life"
Because you are black!

But Enough is Enough!
We Are Human!
But it seems like that happens anyway
That we must pay, truth to say, Because we are black

But, I guess you have that power
To say who I can and cannot be
To say what I can and cannot do
Being an African-American
Never felt so alive in my life, or just controlled

When all else fails, you are right
I am wrong
I'll just sit back, look up, and ask...
So is that who I am?

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