Black Boy


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Black boy
Last night
Night before
24 robbers at my door
I got up and let em in
Hit em in the head with a rolling pin

(Verse 1)
What does it mean to be a black kid?
Hundreds of explanations scribbled on my napkin
At the same diner all of these leaders sat in
If king were still alive I wonder what I’d ask him
I’d probably ask if he was good at basketball…
Or I might inquire if he’d still appeal to blacks at all
Err… I don’t know man he just might
But we don’t hear positivity we just hear spite
Why do we hate our own just because their skins lighter?
Why do we mean “smarter” when we say “whiter”?
Why do need Ebonics please?
The words cut me deep so I bleed sonically
They don’t hear it, less it deals with pulling triggers
Like “man I kill niggas… niggas”
That was a punch line… not a repetition
Find yourself man… set your own position
(Verse 2)
Gucci grabber, Louis Snatcher
Young African booty scratcher
Maybe die in movies faster
Someone tell me what we stand for
Eating the food we stamped for
One in a million see Stanford
Answer to the newly pampered
In the form of hoochie dancers
Is that what we are? Is that where we are?
Regurgitating what we see on tv man are we dvr?
Black man come in saying fuck these niggas
Then his young insecure daughter follow through with it
Black boy black boy better pic your naps boy
Better sling these raps boy singing of these traps boy
Even if you aint a hood rat you still found wanting cheese
Cause your older brother say you aint got none of these
Nuts aint it….
Would you still have an identity if you were unpainted?
Book in your hand, invisible man look inside the mirror
Now turn the lights off, can you see you any clearer?

(Closing Words)
Am I black boy?
Or a star that is in disguise
Look in my eyes, you’ll see the son rise as the sun rise
However misguided, this guy did illuminate across the night skies
The sky did close its eyelid as I lit
I hit a sore note
sordid as only I can hear
Sorrow as a swallow sings at its cage let me free
My skin sings the same song howling let me be
I am what I am, will you see what you see?
A flesh and blood human being
Come complete with thoughts, hopes, and dreams
Wake up, King had his dream
Parks had her seat
E had his team
Robinson had his cleats
Is race only an issue because of these feats?
Wake up… You’re a king
And you’re living the dream



Please listen to the recorded version that is uploaded, I think it will sit better.

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