Summertime Son


United States
28° 39' 14.1012" N, 81° 32' 55.2228" W
United States
40° 41' 55.0536" N, 73° 37' 27.0696" W

My son:
Brighter in the summertime,
but easier to lose,
as the moisture in the humid air
makes you slip through my fingers.
Such hopes I had for you
to take over the family business.
Was it not enough?
I guess you saw a different light.
I guess your move was justified.
The weather is better where you are now.
The birds sing every morning
when the sun rises.
It is less humid
and things are not as easily lost
in the moisture of the air.



This poem was actually inspired by a movie I once saw. It is a little vague, and veered from that point of inspiration, but I am very happy with the final product. Enjoy!

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