American Soldier

Wed, 07/08/2015 - 23:02 -- SColyer

All that glitters is not gold,

So how dare you be so bold,

To say that the best things in life are free?

Well, no one is free from impunity.

You only have the freedom of speech,

The freedom to gather and to preach,

Because brave men gave up their lives.

So listen as I say these lines.

Do or die.

It's not enough to just get by.

Live life to the fullest.

No regrets are the best.

Life will put you to the test,

So give your all, no matter how hard he stress.

All will give some,

Some will gve all.

If you lose the battle,

Only more reason to win the war.

Put aside your differences,

And join your forces.

Fight against the injustice,

At home or overseas.

Just don't forget to send love to your families.


In this fish bowl cosmos,

You're the only ones that means the most.

There's no one like you,

No one lik me,

Everyone's one in a million, billion,

Trillion, gazillion,

And that's how it's always going to be.

Hey, what doesn't kill you,

Can only make you stronger.

So when you're down in the mud,

In the ooze and the crud,

Remember that the sticks and stones

Will definitely break your bones,

Since the stick is a rocket,

That'll come at you like a comet,

And the stone is a grenade,

So you'll need a lot of first aid.

Remember why you joined the fight,

Remember to be up at first light,

Remmber your family stateside,

Remember your friends at your side.

In this game,

It's not for fortune or fame,

Because nothing can take away the pain

When a soldier is slain.


We will miss you,

But we'll still love you.

We won't forget why you're gone,

For we know what makes this country strong.

Some don't think much of you,

What they don't see is how they came to be free.

More than four score and seven years ago,

Our forefathers fought the ultimate fight.

Some gave their time; some gave their life.

Their sacrifice gave us independence.

So show some sense;

Walk a mile in their shoes,

Try to fight a battle you cannot lose,

And thank our soldiers,

For they are the heroes,

They are the real life superheroes.

They fight for peace, justice, and liberty,

From sea to shining sea.

So place your hand on your heart,

Turn to the red, white, and blue,

And say the Pledge of Allegiance,

To honor the men who died for you

And to have your independence

In a country

Where anyone can say,

"God bless the USA!"




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