Why I Rise

I rise not for the sole purpose of
Having some place to be- which I do,
But rather, because I want to.

I rise for all of the people who
Showed me kindness when all I could
See- all I could feel- was blue.

I rise for them because they made
Me turn away from the coarse
Gray I had unconsciously allowed my
View of the world to become; when
I didn't know how to handle
The emotions that would swamp me
And nearly drown me under their
Intense weight all at once.

I rise to make people smile,
Because I know how it feels to
Go so long doing without.

I rise to make people laugh
Because we all need a little light in a
World that can seem so dark.

I rise to make people have
A better day- an easier day- in any
Way I can, because life can
Be overwhelming and sometimes
We need a helping hand.

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