Why are you always asking

Why are you always asking questions about me?

I'm broken-hearted, babe, but you just break me more.

Can't you see I've no control?

Don't tell me you'd die for me. Don't you dare lie to me.


Every second of every day is electric when you're around.

You force me to see your face everywhere

But then you're gone and I'm stuck, grief-stricken.

Help me out, here. Either stay  or go to hell.


I wish you'd stop using me and my love.

Just make up your mind already; just let me go, let me alone.

I feel your kiss and it kills me inside

Look at what you do to me; how do I still love you?


Maybe you'll just haunt me forever more;

Never letting me go, never leaving me alone.

Ocean blue eyes, but, oh, you're the Devil in disguise;

Practically tears me apart, you pretending you care.


I quiet my shaking breath quickly, on the verge of collapse.

Really, I wish you'd show me a little compassion, or some remorse.

Certain songs remind me of you and make me twitch and shake.

Your touch send trembles and tingles to every place.


Underneath it all, I still hold on to hope

Very idiotic, yes, but I refuse to let you claim victory over my heart

Why don't you just be honest with me about how you feel

Xoxo, hugs and kisses, etc. You're such a fake.


You just enjoy having someone to use,

Truth is, you belong in a funnyhouse or the zoo.


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