The F Word (Feminism)

So um I like wrote a poem because like I'm sick of people telling me I need to like talk with confidence.Maybe if you actually paid attention to what I said and  stopped degrading women for everything I would have this confidence you speak of. 

Like don't tell me I need to put my vocabulary on a diet. Weigh my like and ums on a scale so my language can be pretty, meet societies standards of a perfect woman. Wear makeup so a man can see I'm pretty enough to be tied down to. As if if my love is a prison sentence they took the plea bargain for. I was asked why I wear make up if I'm already pretty. Do you tell that to every girl you try to charm? Maybe she's born with it, maybe its Maybelline. Like maybe she was born into societies' cookie cutter standards or maybe she spreads on her power mask every morning hoping she can be loved today.  He told me I am too pretty to know what oppression means. Too blonde to know who is running for president. Too bubbly to know what it feels like to be discriminated against.

"Speak up and stop saying like and um so you can be respected" he demands. I didn't know that um my "extra words" like made me less of a person because you can't seem to keep my word count in check.Are you balancing my words like my pay checks? I get 77 words to your 100?  Are you budget cutting my language, am I taking up too much of your time? Do I have the right to vote on this matter? Can I veto the bill that limits my language to the dictionary of the previous generations?

I will not let past bureaucrats lock up my tongue in the standard testing textbooks they are feeding the involuntary obese children today. We bully them for being fat but  their free or reduced checkbooks' can only afford to taste the thousand calorie meals we give them for school lunches. "Sit down and shut up this is a mans job" they will say to my opinion. But old man mark my words. I will be in the CEO chair of the company that puts your ego out of business. I will evict you from your high horse and make you watch me as I rise to my throne crushing anyone who tells me I can't because I'm like too young or too fragile or I do it. Like a girl. You could too if you tried harder. My like and ums will be the rear view mirror I use to keep my inferiors in my view. Let them not feel intimated by the blain harsh words you are accustomed to, put my language into their hands so they can understand my dialogs like an instruction manual. So they can be inspired to be the feminist revolution I will force to be revived. He gasps at the F word, feminism and I can hear his mother tossing in her grave remembering all the hot agonizing days she spent protesting for her rights. Ready to wash his mouth out with soap. His cigar and gentleman club buddies would not approve of a "piece of meat" talking with suck strong language to a man of importance. But that's what feminism is, strong. Too many people think feminism is baggage, but its lighter than the burden of my future in societies captivity. There is a reason they made all the villains queens. They are scared of our power.


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