It’s hard for me to honor a flag when I think about the way cops treated my Dad

It’s insane that we honor a flag after all the hardships that our people had

We Scream God Bless America but is America Blessing us?

12+ Years in A School System That Will Never Invest Us

Our Faith Keeps on Testing us

The media shows less of us

But we’ve been pacified so there’s less of a fuss

It seems like we’ve been riding a long incessant bus

Wake up all my people show ‘em that we’ve been schemed

Explain to them the Nightmare referred to as the American Dream

Designed to keep Whites Supreme off of African Labor

Somebody put the truths back in the books can you do me that favor?

So we can learn that out past goes beyond the slave ships

We were merchants long before we worked the grave shifts

King and Queens to niggas and b*tches

They stole our land, raped us and depleted our riches

And now we love to shine on when we come off the benches

But no matter the box score we still losing the game

We got African queens with Caucasian names

Our women finding love in dames

Men finding love in the same

Black queen choking on the poison that the master fed

She now puts relaxers in her hair and destroys the natural crown on her head

It’s hard to love yourself when ever since you were a child

You were taught that your blackness is vile

We have a long legacy, longer than the Nile

But lately we’ve been thinking that we’re real if we’re taken to trial

Mother strung out and fathers are gone

It’s been too long

We gotta stop making the projects and the prisons our homes

How you go stand up to the pigs when you can’t stand on your own?

Parents raise your kids, teach them right from wrong

And let’s break this generational curse

They say times are better but I see them getting worse

400+ years and still no public apology

Why love America when racial equality, is just an idea that’s never felt?

We battle through the scars and play the hand we were dealt

Still focused on the prize

It’s time to open our eyes

So we can realize

Who we are so we can see the purpose in our lives

We are the answer to stopping our own demise



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