Chicano Civil Rights


United States
48° 1' 38.0532" N, 119° 33' 32.4216" W

From the beginning of time we have been judged by the color of our skin.
Not caring for what was within.
People have told us for years we are not wanted here, but what makes them think we had a choice?
We've been suppressed, beaten down, and accused for things we haven't done.
Always telling me I'm the bad one.
Our fight for equality hasn't ended it has only just begun.
We are Aztlán, children of the sun, we were born warriors.
No matter how beaten down we are we will always rise from our own ashes; stronger, fierce, and more determined than ever.
As Emiliano Zapata once said "It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."

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