What I Need

What do I need? Someone to love,

Not a coat, shoe, or glove.

What I require, is to be human,

To laugh, to live, to be believed in.

It is difficult not to be

Thinking of an island with a single tree,

As I think of what is necessary to me.

If I was all alone,

What I would think of and groan

In want and need, as I drone,

I know and have been shown.

What I need, to be complete,

Is someone to love me, to treat,

With respect, to honor, to belong

To her, till the end of my days

So all I need, is one whom I may gaze.

In a stroke of luck, I already know her,

The one with whom I adore.

With her I shall share my revelry,

With my sweet, sweet Emily.



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