Rest In Peace

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 23:03 -- kheard4


I sat there

Unworried, stress free

 Or in other words calm and collected about the whole situation

Determined, expecting

Looking past the affection

Only concerned about our connection.

Forcing my tears to hide

Everytime I wondered what you was feeling deep inside

To your laughter, talks, that looked like happiness to me

You wanting to eat, singing your Sunday gospel songs, to the soap operas, news, had me in deinial of everything.

There was no way i was going to give up on my grandmo'

The furthest thing from my mind was that she would one day go.

Til' the sickness got sicker

And the time was approaching quicker

I started to realize that this was real

Nothing else could possibly heal

Wondering, what's the deal

How could this be?

Please don't give up on me

My thoughts got heavier

Too full for my own mind

Seriously in depression

Now noticing that i was crie'n

Left with no expression

Knowing that you were die'n

But yet still trie'n

Deep in thoughts about how i would react

Seeing you leave and never come back

It was hard to experiene that

Wondering if i would be calm and content

Or if I would be obnoxious and bent

And full of resentment

I received that call on the phone

"She gone"

Trying to make myself realize it was a good thing

God called her home

Wanting to sream

Needing a shoulder to lean

Broke out in tears

Couldnt hold it in

As i slowly eased the phone from my ears

Just experiencing that horrible feel'n

Sat down to the ground

Held my head in my shirt

In the thoughts of how it really hurt

The last words unfound

Regaining the past

And thinking of the present

Wouldnt think it would last

Now wanting that time to be meant

But to sum it up, you were an angel sent

Steady missing you

Don't know what to do

My broken heart

"I LOVE YOU" is what im wanting to hear you say

I feel so torn apart

If only we could go back in time for a day

Trying to release it off

To ease my stress

Still saying to myself "She was the BEST"

Now she's at peace

Now she's at rest

As the pain slowly decrease

I'll see you in a while

This poem is in sincere from your loving Grandchild.


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