Modern Temptations: A Free Verse

walking through these halls feels like

stepping through the unknown

with the scent of sirens implying

dangers that i cannot pinpoint;

too fearful to talk to anyone in sight,

will they entrap me in their lies,

will i even know it?

everyone has the face of another.

are you who you say you are?

the face of a friend draws closer,  

but i resist.

they look different,

something about their face?


now i see everything in color;

everything feels right as i step towards the siren.

how could i have been so blind?

all i see when i

look at them

is beauty

and fortune 

and future. 

the "friend" takes me in their grasp,

its startling, yet

i lose myself in this state of euphoria

as my trapped self attempts

to pull me away from this 

modern temptation. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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