Their Past, Made Her Future


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(A colored skin individual with dreams and aspiration in their eyes
Faced with the choices of the now and the then
Reminded of the options and choices they never had
No opportunity to frolic among the most educated
No opportunity to buy happiness
Shoved down for the worst, but came out a star
One dream, many men
One dream, so many actions
Faced with beast, the only defense was fist, but traded for words
Words, the only weapon
Words, the only fate
The scare of threats and fear of not knowing what would happen
Yet, still stayed strong
Yet, still carried on
Tired eyes, pain ridden bodies, and swollen feet, as they marched
Marched, for equality
Marched, to be privileged
Soaked with bodily fluid, but honor and courageousness was embedded in the DNA
Integrity, kept them prosperous
Integrity, was all they wanted
Locked in jail cells to keep them from achieving their dreams
But, that couldn’t break their spirits
But, still they rose day in and day out
A colored skin individual with access to their dreams and aspiration in their sight)

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My favorite lines of this poem are "Words, the only weapon / Words, the only fate" because it is so true that words, especially when used in poetry are some of the most powerful weapons. Keep writing, and check out the "Resources" section for tips and ideas!

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